dangercupcakemurdericing: I'm never going to defend dogs that are acting out, they make my life more difficult , but I hope your anon realizes dogs are not machines and they have off days. Personally, I'd be horrifically embarrassed if my dog sniffed someone in line and I'd want to know so that I could work on that issue.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I figured.
Dogs do have a mind of their own, and they want to be aware of their surroundings. =)
The most important thing would be to realize that when a general announcement is made, it doesn’t target individuals.
And the other way around - Individual experiences doesn’t invalidate a point.

Anonymous: if you don't want your stupid "service dogs" distracted, train them better. every time i see one of those dogs "working" in a business, i see them slacking off and wandering around. one time i had of those service poodles sniff my crotch in a line a peet's and had to hold back the urge to push his face away because i knew the lady holding to his leash would throw a hissy fit about "DON'T TOUCH SERVICE DOGS OMGGGG".

That’s one way of looking at it.The other way would be to realize there are assholes, yes, with untrained dogs.
We’re all human, we can’t know everything - a polite “excuse me, your aid is bothering me” should be enough, if it’s a dog or a cane or a wheelchair?
But the general majority of humans may not even know service dogs exist anyway, much less how to approach one.
Information is never wrong! =)